Tiny Details To Transform Your Space

Who said that you must overhaul your home’s interior design to make it stylish and contemporary? And who said that if a room in your home feels a little off, you must invest in costly improvements? The truth is that you can make tiny transformations and end up with a home that is envied by everyone who steps foot in it.

This post focuses on 8 interior design tweaks that, despite being tiny and cheap, can significantly change the look and feel of your home. Go ahead and try out some of them- if not all- and you definitely will feel more at peace with your interiors.

1.         Texturize your home

If you don’t like the feel of your bedroom in its current condition, why not texturize it with accent pillows and blankets? If it is your living room you are uncomfortable with, add texture to it by installing new rags and/or curtains. Just be sure to mix different color shades and fabrics. What’s more, you can even texturize the materials that make your main living room accessories- make a unique blend of fabric, metals, and wood.

2.         Modernize your lighting

If you are planning to buy a home or have just bought your one from local home listings, chances are that the previous owner didn’t have the same taste as you in regards to home lighting. Maybe you found dull lighting fixtures and you are now looking for ways to bring in your vibe. Worry not!

One simple way of bringing your home lighting to life is replacing the old lanterns and chandeliers with modern ones. Secondly, come up with a way of making the most of the natural light that comes in through the doors and windows. Thirdly, install a few desk lamps and reading lights (if you have a home office). Lastly, install an overhead ambient light source that is strong enough to sufficiently illuminate your living room.

3.         Repaint the doors

Repainting the front door will not only improve your home’s façade but also make it more welcoming. As for the interior doors, painting them with distinctive colors will make the home classy and unique. It is always easier to direct guests to the guest room or to the bathroom by telling them the color of the respective doors.

4.         Add canvas wall art to the living room

The epitome of your home’s interior design is the wall art you choose. Break up the paint pattern in your living room by adding a canvas wall art. Besides making your living spaces beautiful and contemporary, it brings every visitor’s eye to the artwork; a statement piece telling guests what your family stands for.

5.         Build a gallery wall around the TV

Because you may not be able to change your TV every now and then, the best and cheapest way to upgrade the look of your old, probably gross-looking TV is to blend its frame with the background. One way of doing that is by creating a gallery wall around it.

6.         Change the curtains

Curtains highlight the beauty of your windows and accentuate the light emanating from them. They open up your living areas and, when properly installed, improve your home’s overall vibe. If your curtains are too dark to the point of interfering with the flow of natural light, maybe it is time you switched them to something light-colored. White curtains, for example, are always breezy and beautiful for all wall color patterns.

7.         Don’t lean too much to the wall

If you were renting a tiny space before buying your new home, you probably were lining up couches and other furniture up against the wall so as to create more space at the center. If you are doing the same in your new living room, which most likely is more spacious, then that could be the reason you are feeling that something is off. Why so? Because the dead space left at the center is too big. Eliminate it by reserving a walkway between the furniture and the wall.

8.         Go vertical

Your room can also feel off when most of your furniture is short. Make your living room “larger” by adding a few vertically large items so as to get the eyes off the floor. Shelving units, tall plants, and longwall mirrors are some of the affordable vertical pieces that you can add.

Bottom line:

The 8 interior design tips we have discussed herein apply to new and seasoned homeowners. It is never too late to improve your old home, neither is it too early to transform your newly bought home.

Monica Gibson is a business-savvy decoration expert. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Monica puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.