Elegant Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Love is in the air—so why not fill your house with Valentine’s Day decorations fit for the season? Whether romantic bedroom ideas or cute crafts the kids can help create, these DIY projects and ideas are sweet, simple, and most importantly, from the heart. Transform your house into a love shack with this cute pink, red, and heart-shaped decor. Not only will you impress guests, but you’ll have everyone ready for the holiday of love even before it arrives. Don’t underestimate the power of setting the mood.

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Valentine’s Day DIY Origami Heart Love Letters

Article by Kari Kelly, blogger for Lovilee.

I’ve been thinking of some nice DIY projects for Valentines’ day and for uses of a piece of drift wood that has literally been ‘drifting’ around in our house. I decided to make a 7-day valentines ‘advent’ / count-down calendar. The idea is to write love letters on 7 squares of paper, fold them using the simple origami heart step-by-step instructions below and then hanging them up from something.

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