Eat green, breathe green, live green // Tips & tricks to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Making life around us more environment-friendly is indeed helpful for us and the planet we live in. Blog by: Cleanipedia

Here are some easy tips on how to decrease carbon footprint, and help the environment and the people around us.

1) Decrease meat and dairy consumption – Start meat-free Mondays to get into this routine. Animal husbandry is a serious cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.

2) Carpool or use public transport – Lesser number of vehicles on the roads means reduction in air and noise pollution.

4) Avoid using paper – Take notes on mobile phones or computers. Even if you do use paper, don’t forget to recycle or repurpose.

5) Use electricity frugally – Open blinds or curtains and use as much natural light as possible. Don’t forget to turn off lights when not in use.

6) Use fluorescent lights – LEDs work about 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. CFLs cut energy use by about 70 percent when compared to incandescent bulbs. LED light bulbs use roughly half the wattage of fluorescent lighting, about 6 watts of power versus 14 watts of power for a CFL light bulb.

7) Reusable Grocery bags -When you are at a grocery store, don’t buy plastic bags. Bring your own reusable bag, this is one of the smallest yet most effective ways to be environmentally responsible.

8) Conserve water by turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, or taking quick showers. Read more water conservation tips.

9) Drink tap water that’s filtered instead of buying plastic water bottles.

10)  Reuse and repurpose as much as you can, like repurposing store-bought glass jarsupcycling wine bottles, etc.

11) Recycle anything you cannot reuse such as plastic, aluminum, and paper products.

12)  Donate items you no longer need instead of throwing them away.

13) Shop secondhand when you can for things like decor, clothing, furniture, picture frames, TVs, etc. Here are some places you can get local secondhand items for cheap or free.

14)  Buy high-quality clothing so that your clothes will last longer, and take care of your clothing!