Coffee with Katy Meurs


Katy Meurs has recently been appointed as Operation Manager for the Lifestyle, Retail and Design portfolio and its easy to see why. She has a ‘let’s can do’ attitude which has seen her win numerous internal company awards at Reed Exhibitions that include:  Most Promising Employee for two years in a row (2019 + 2018) and Most Helpful Employee in 2018. Katy will endeavour to get the job done by going the extra mile no matter how big or small the job is, she carries a sense of calmness with her, coupled with her warmness ensuring that no man, exhibitor or visitor is left behind.


  1. Tell us a little about you:

Well, I’m 26 and grew up in Johannesburg. For high school, I went to The National School of the Arts where I majored in drama. I really used to enjoy being on the stage but as I got older I started to realise that I enjoyed the planning to go onto stage more than being on it. That feeling and thought are what drove me into the exhibition industry. I am a very organised person with a knack for picking things up quickly. I enjoy being busy and work well under pressure. In my spare time, I daydream about the future and enjoy holidays to the sea. Family and friends play a major role in my life and if they are all happy and loved then I am happy and loved. I have the drive of a lioness and ready to see what the world has to offer me.


  1. How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the exhibition industry for just over 3 years now and have loved every minute of it. My first show was the Speed and Sound MoterEx in 2016 and from there I have worked for the supplier and now moving up in life, I am the Operations Manager for the Lifestyle and Retail Portfolio at Reed Exhibitions. Looking forward to the years to come!


  1. What three words would you use to describe your role?
  • Logical, Passionate and Meticulous
  1. What are you most excited about for Decorex 2020 and why?

Decorex 2020, where to even begin…..

From floorplan changes to a new creative strategy, themes and trends how does one pinpoint only one element of the shows to be excited about…. The team has already started with 2020 preparations and sales has hit the ground running, what a year to be excited about. New innovative ideas and a bunch of crazy passionate people ready to make this next year better than the last.

The one element that does stand out the most to me must be to see the new colour forecast for 2020. What will be the colour of the year?


  1. What is your favourite décor blog?


  1. What is your must-have décor item from Kitchen/Living Room/Bedroom/Bathroom, and why?

It is so hard to choose as I have two décor items that you will definitely find in my home!

1 – The Kitchen

My must-have décor item (even though it is not exactly a décor item, needs to be worked into the room space as a useable décor item) for the Kitchen has to be a filter coffee machine.  Not only does it create a sense of ambience in itself, a Lady also needs to start her day the right way every day – Boss Babe!


2 – The BedroomMy must-have décor item (can be used in both the bedroom and in the living room) for the Bedroom has to be as many and different throws that one can possibly find and place. Not only does it help bring a facelift to the home without breaking the bank, they are also used décor items one can use if it gets a bit chilly.


  1. What 2020 trend are you looking forward to most, and why?

I am waiting with such anticipation to see how the Neon Trend is going to be utilised to brighten up traditional colour pallets. I feel this trend will create an electric good mood with futuristic hints. The Neon Trend links itself to the Technological movement including a highly “instagrammable” style that is part of a much deeper ready to go style.


  1. What is your personal motto or mantra that you live by?

Keep Smiling – Life is a highway