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Decorex Africa is the design authority for the décor, interior design, and lifestyle industries. As one of the longest standing décor and design exhibition platforms in Africa, Decorex aims to bring world-class exhibitors to you, whilst it showcases living trends and design highlights that are not to be missed.

This year’s theme, “Lifestyle by Design”, is an embracive approach that allows you to design your life the way you want it to be. Lifestyle by Design is about freedom, reclaiming your time and doing things you like. This is essentially illustrated through design and looking to future trends when curating your own personal space –  design enables us to create spaces so that we can live the way we want to.

Design is the essence of life and speaks to our collective search for the things that bring us essential happiness. Through our constantly changing lifestyles and the urge to create sanctuaries in our home spaces – we find those moments of calm and empowerment, as well as optimism and luxury.

Beauty needs space to flourish, and Decorex presents a canvas onto which exquisite design is curated, celebrated and experienced. The future of design. The future of interiors. It’s the essence of design.


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